Influencer Collaboration

Collaborate with Smartshake and help us spread the word

In exchange for 2 Instagram posts and 2 stories you will receive a giftcard for 2 free products (excl, shipping and Smartshake Retain).

Instagram: You will show your selected products in a suitable environment to the products and the context. At the same time, your followers receive a unique discount code, that we use in the evaluation on further collaborations. You will also receive a unique link that you will promote in your bio, during the collaboration.

Criteria: Open Instagram account with a minimum of 800 followers, with an average of 10% engagement (exceptions may occur depending on content.)

Content: The content we at Smartshake are looking for is Gym, Yoga, Fitness, Sport and Adventure


  • You publish 2 Instagram posts and 2 Instagram Stories with containing a review of the Smartshake products that you’ve ordered with your giftcard.
  • Include @smartshakehq and #smartshake and your unique follower discount code in the posts.
  • Include @smartshakehq and your unique follower discount code in the stories.
  • If you have more than 10.000 followers, add a Swipe-up link to smartshake.com

Do you have what it takes? Please fill out the application and motivate why you would make a good Smartshake influencer, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you and to get the opportunity to collaborate together with you.

Note! At this moment we don’t accept applications from Italy, Marocco, Russia, Turkey, India and South America due to various reasons.


Please note that the offer you choose is binding and that we may claim monetary compensation corresponding to the reward you’ve received in case you haven’t completed your end of the deal as proposed below.

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