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Samir Troudi

Bodybuilder & IFBB Pro

Samir Troudi, 36 y/o, born in Sweden living in Dubai, UAE. Wife and daughter (1 y/o).

Troudi began competing in bodybuilding in 2005. He won his first three shows. Troudi got his pro card in 2016, and he now competes as an IFBB Pro.

After his teenage years of playing sports and later playing in a band, Troudi started to spend more and more time at the gym in 2003.

– I was 20 y/o and went to the gym more frequently to occupy myself. I started to see the results quickly, and my body developed at a fast pace. My girlfriend, at the time, had made some remarks. To joke with her, I bought a bodybuilding magazine and pointed at the cover saying. Thats gonna be me someday.

Although that magazine was meant as a joke, it ended up being the reason he got involved in the sport in the first place.

– I saw an ad for the 2004 Swedish Championship in Bodybuilding. And I went. And I realized that. Hey, they´re not THAT much bigger than I am. So I decided to start competing the year after that. In December 2005, I did my first amateur competition in the junior class. I won it. And I decided to use my score in the senior class. I won that as well. A few weeks later, I won my third competition.

Troudi has been competing every year since. In 2010 he came in second place in the Swedish National Championship.

– I realized I had some real potential. We moved to Norway in the following year, and I haven´t lived in Sweden since, so I haven´t had the chance to win a national in Sweden. Yet. I might return and give it a try when I´m a retiree.

He laughs at this, but you can tell that it´s a possibility. Troudi just loves the sport and the life that surrounds it.

–Before going pro, it was a bit harder. It´s extremely time consuming, and it´s not cheap to keep a bodybuilder workout and diet plan. Before I became pro and found some sponsors, it was quite hard. But never too hard. For me, there´s no motivation as effective as the genuine love for the sport. I love this. And I would have spent time working out either way. It´s a way of continually improving myself. It´s so easy to see how you´re developing. Photographs and how your weight changes. The only motivation for me comes from inside. You have to do every piece of the puzzle in the right way. Workouts, dieting and resting. Some say that bodybuilding is 25% workout and the rest dieting. I don´t believe that you have to have 100% the right mix of everything at all time. And see all progression as good progression. It does´t matter if you develop slowly or fast. All that matters is that you use your body in a smart way to avoid injuries. Any injury might result in having to jump down a few pegs and start over.

When he talks about his life as a bodybuilder, a lot of it revolves around travelling and meeting new people and cultures.

–There´s a lot of difference when it comes to the social aspects of bodybuilding depending on where you live or in what level you compete. When I started, there was a lot more competition between athletes. People were more secretive with their routines and kept more to themselves. I also believe that I´m being seen as more of an athlete in Dubai than I ever did living in Sweden where bodybuilding is a lot more underground.

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