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Revive Untamed Tiger

750 ml / 25 oz

13.49 EUR 14.99 EUR

Hear the roar of the tiger

Now presenting Smartshake Revive in four limited edition prints, straight from the wild. Find your spirit animal. Be untamed!

Don’t drop your game. With its soft loop handle, the Smartshake Revive is easy to carry and hold, and the unique Fruit Infuser v2 lets you mix your own favorite fruit water. This is the future of water bottles.

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Why So Smart?

Secure cap and lid ensure a leak-proof seal.

Soft loop handle for easier carrying and shock-absorbing rubber.

Fruit Infuser v2, improved mixer net with sharp spurs mix your fruits and berries with water.

Completely BPA and DEHP free, every Smartshake is made of food-grade approved materials.

Detachable and stackable leak-proof storage compartment to store your essentials.