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Elin Cederroos

World Champion in Professional Boxing

Women’s super middle weight

Elin Cederroos 34 y/o, Sweden. Husband and two kids (3 and 6 y/o).

Cederroos began her athletic career as a professional soccer player in Damallsvenskan (the women’s national soccer league). In less than two years she has gone from her very first pro-fight to winning her first international pro-boxing title.

Cederroos came across boxing as part of her physical training when playing soccer.

– Legendary boxer and boxing coach Leffe Carlsson saw me and said to me «If you want to you could become the best in the world». That really got to me, and I started to plan out a boxing career.

After a few additional years playing soccer and giving birth to her daughter she began her boxing training. Eight months later, just after her daughter’s first birthday, Cederroos stepped into the amateur ring for the first time.

– There’s a big difference between being an individual athlete and part of a team. When it comes down to it, I don’t have to take responsibility for anyone else, all that matter is my own performance. This makes focus and preparation even more important when competing as an individual athlete. If I had a bad day at the soccer field we could still win. I don’t have that luxury in the boxing ring.

Sports and fitness has been an important part of her life since a young age. As a kid she was selected the most promising local soccer-player in her year, giving her opportunities to train professionally early on.

– Everything is about finding that disciplin. I don’t always feel like going to the gym, it’s not always fun. But I do it anyway. Instead it’s the progress that pushes me forward.

Being a team player is part of the Cederroos DNA.

– In a way we are a team, the people I train with, my coaches and everyone in the club. We give each other advice and root for each other. It’s kind of hard to put my team spirit aside, sometimes I’ve even complemented people after they managed to hit me in the face. This almost happened during my title fight, when Hermans stroke a hard punch to my torso, I caught myself thinking «Good one!».

In march 2019 Elin Cederroos fought Femke Hermans for the world champion belt.

– She really wanted to win. That was kind of a first for me in the pro ring. Having to fight an opponent that wants to win as bad as me. During the fourth round I realized I had to step it up. I decided to drop some of my technique and compensated with strength and will power. From the fifth round to the final bell I had the upper hand. Even though it was her home ring the judges voted in my favor and I won.

She continues about the pre-requisites of the sport.

– It’s pretty hard to make a living out of pro-boxing. I do it for the passion to see how far I can reach. I’m so glad that female pro-boxers like my friend Mikaela Laurén, the Norwegian Cecilia Brækhus and Clarissa Shields from the U.S. have done so much for the sport in the last few years.

When it comes to having an athlete mindset Cederroos is a real pro. She’s very interested in her body’s capabilities and how to take care of it to make it last as long as possible.

– How long will I keep it up? If you stay injury-free and workout in the right way you could probably last until you’re 40–45 y/o. I’ve learnt so much from the team of physical specialists that we work with. And to be honest I’ve never felt this great, I had a lot of aches when playing soccer but now there is so much more knowledge involved when planning my workout.

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