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ReviveJunior Mint Green

10 oz / 300 ml

USD 12.99

This one’s for the kids. We used Smartshake Revive as the perfect role model, designed with a soft loop handle and a smart snack container attached at the bottom. The soft spout is easy to drink from, with or without the straw. Made for the active kid with a detachable no-spill valve and the dust-lid that keeps the spout clean. There’s really no reason why your kids shouldn’t experience a Smartshake of their own.

Why So Smart?

No-Spill Soft Spout. Saves cleaning. Gentle on teeth and gum

Shock absorbing rubber. For extra stability and durability.

Detachable Straw. Makes it easy to drink without spilling.

Stackable Storage. Storage compartment with leak proof lid can be used separately or stacked into a tower.